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Photo Frame Decoration DIY

Posted by Lydia Kitchener Oxfam Fashion blogger

9th Jan 2013

Is your living room looking a bit sparse since the Christmas decorations came down? Has your tree been reduced to a small collection of pine needles? Are you wondering what to fill the void with now red, green and gold are out of vogue? 
Here is a simple idea to replace the colour and sparkle in your household... 

Head to your local charity shops. They sell a good selection of picture frames and are so much cheaper than buying them brand new, I picked up three for under a fiver!

Take that calendar you received for Christmas - the one you're not sure you'll ever use - and cut out some interesting pictures to fit aforementioned frames. 

A calendar is just a starting point. You could also use colourful patterned fabrics, birthday cards, or unleash your creativity and draw a quirky picture to fit the frame. 

If the thought of being faced with a blank piece of paper is a scary prospect, have a look at - she produces wonderfully detailed illustrations of animals (see below) with which you can adorn your living room.

Once you have filled a few frames, it is tempting to get carried away and fill a few more! Why not look for other things to frame such as a piece of antique jewellery, a childhood drawing, the cat... Of course, you can go all out and decorate an entire wall like at this gallery in San Francisco.

Photo courtesy of Lissa Kamarauskas

For an exciting array of photo frames visit the Oxfam online shop or your local shop.

Blog post written by Lydia Kitchener

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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