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Wild DIY Leopard Print

Posted by Laila Bowman Oxfam Fashion blogger and charity shopping enthusiast

10th Feb 2013

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Leopard print is an old favourite, having resurfaced in the fashion trends of many a season. There can be a fine line between it looking tacky and looking fabulous but it's safe to say most ladies own something featuring this wild pattern. I certainly can't get enough of leopard print, so I decided to jazz up a plain sweater with the help of a bit of fabric paint.


plain item of clothing
fabric paints (two colours)
tea towel

Firstly, you need a plain item of clothing. I've chosen an old school sweater that I found recently on a charity shop pound rail - if I'd known how popular burgundy would be in 2013, I may have felt less bitter about wearing this uniform for three years of my life. 

Take the lighter coloured fabric paint and paint circles on the area you want to be covered in leopard print. These do not have to be neat at all, in fact, the more uneven the better! Leave this to dry.

Take the darker coloured fabric paint and outline the circles, leaving small gaps in between lines. Again, the messier the better and leave to dry. Place an old tea towel over the area you've painted and iron to set the fabric paint. This will stop it running when you wash it.

There you go - your very own leopard print item. You don't have to stick to sweaters, this can work well with jackets and t-shirts too.

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Blog post written by Laila Bowman

Oxfam Fashion blogger and charity shopping enthusiast

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Laila Bowman