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Cowboy Boots: My Lost and Found Love

Posted by Amelia Glynn Online Fashion Content Assistant

13th Feb 2013

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Recently I have been in mourning- in mourning for a pair of boots. Bit over dramatic you say? Well no actually, it's not over the top, over stated or overly emotional because these boots were basically soldered onto my feet. These boots have been part of me for nearly my whole university career, through thick and thin, to seamlessly enhance any and every outfit throughout the seasons. They were the holy grail of the boot world but now they have passed.

The old boots

I originally bought them second hand in a vintage shop in Brighton's Lanes in my first term at university. I remember the shop assistant was very reluctant to sell them to me as she had really wanted them for herself. They cost me £45 and were worth every penny. A beautiful pair of pale brown cowboy boots; they had a pointed toe, a stacked heel and soft brown leather patterns artfully stitched into the sides. I tried everything I could to make them last. I had them re-heeled at least 6 or 7 times, making sure they never wore past the rubber and into the wood. 

The broken boots

But alas, the pavements of Brighton eventually became too much for them. The rubber heel ripped straight off! That was actually fixable, what wasn't fixable was the gaping hole on the side where the sole meets the leather. It had worn right through from so much use. When I took them to the shoe repair shop to see if the nice man could fix them for me, he literally laughed in my face. There was nothing more to be done.

The new boots

I was now faced with the task of trying to replace these boots that had been perfect and meant so much to me. I like to shop second hand for shoes so it involved scouring vintage and charity shops for similar pairs but the task just seemed too daunting. I hadn't been looking for months when, on the way into town, I explained to my friend how hard I knew it was going to be to replace them. I described how I really wanted a new pair of cowboy boots that came slightly higher up the leg and were black this time instead of brown. We walked to the beach and on the way back through town I spotted some pretty china in a charity shop window and went in to investigate further. As I walked into the shop, straight in front of me perched on top of a shelf, there they were; the elusive cowboy boots that I had all but given up on. The exact shape and colour that I wanted and even scarier, in my size! I nervously tried them on and to my utter delight they fitted like a glove.  I like to think that I didn't find them, they found me. 

Blog post written by Amelia Glynn

Online Fashion Content Assistant

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