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Dye-ing for a Change

Posted by Lydia Kitchener Oxfam Fashion blogger

6th Feb 2013

Is it time to come out of hibernation yet? If you are a fair-skinned English rose then winter is probably the arch-enemy of your skin tone. When it snows, you may inadvertently create a flurry of chaos as you blend into the background with even snowmen mistaking you for one of their kind. The drab winter months seem to drag on and on but there is no need to be a shy wallflower. A change in colour is as good as a holiday and your winter wardrobe can provide the perfect colour injection. Vivid autumnal shades and splashes of vibrant colour will ensure you stand out. 

Sometimes all it needs to transform your garments is the help of a little dye. This white shirt dress was a cheap and almost perfect charity shop purchase. It's well made, good quality fabric, lovely fit but the colour is unsuitable for my skin tone. I may as well have been naked as we blended in so effortlessly together. So with a box of fabric dye, some ordinary salt and a cycle in the washing machine, it has been transformed into a lovely deep orange shirt dress, or Rosewood Red to quote the packaging. It is a rich and uplifting shade and perfect for cold, cloudy days. The white rose has now come into bloom and is ready for her winter debut.

If you fall in love with an item when charity shopping there are plenty of ways to alter to make it fit your size, shape and skin. Keep following our fashion blog for more handy tips like this. 

Blog post written by Lydia Kitchener

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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