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Valentine's DIY 2: Beaded Heart Collar

Posted by Helen Archard Online Fashion Content Intern

13th Feb 2013

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If wearing your heart on your sleeve isn't your style, how about around your neck? There are endless ways to individualise and customise the sophisticated shirt collar. One of Oxfam's fashion favourites, and especially seasonal, is this delicate beaded love heart design. Surprisingly simple and elegantly effective, this particular DIY used salvaged beads from an old, broken Oxfam bracelet partnered with a charity shopped denim shirt.  


Heart Template
Needle and thread
Selection of beads (you could also use sequins to fill your heart shape)

Place your heart template on the corner points of your shirt collar, with the straight sides in line with the seam, and draw around. Repeat on the other side of the collar too.

Thread needle and do a couple of small anchor stitches at your starting point on your outline. Stitch up through the collar and thread through one of your beads and then stitch back in again close to your entry stitch, pulling tight.

Continue with this simple running stitch beading all around your outline keeping the beads as close together as possible.

Repeat on the other side of the collar

You can get experimental with colour, size and materials with this collar craft. We added a few golden beads to the middle of our heart. You could fill it completely with more beads, sequins or buttons. 

Have you see our other Valentine's DIY?Comment or tweet us your photos if you try either of these crafts at home.
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Blog post written by Helen Archard

Online Fashion Content Intern

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