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Valentine's DIY: Heart Elbow Patch

Posted by Helen Archard Online Fashion Content Intern

4th Feb 2013

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Wear your heart on your sleeve, literally, this Valentine's Day with Oxfam Fashion's DIY elbow patch. Whether single or coupled, love is unavoidably in the air and a hand-made item can make a really personal gift or simply be worn in seasonal spirit. Visit the Oxfam Online Shop for a selection of jumpers, shirts, sweaters and cardigans to customise with this craft.


A shirt, sweater or cardigan
Scrap material (big enough to cut two heart patches from)
Thread (either in matching or contrasting colour to your fabric)
Heart template (we drew around a heart cookie cutter but you could use a paper template)

Draw around the heart template onto your scrap of material twice to outline your patches.

Carefully cut out the two lovely heart shapes.

Now you need to put on your chosen item so you can work out the positioning of your patches. This can be a bit fiddly but we've found it's helpful to bend your elbows then mark where they sit in your item with a piece of tape. It can be handy to grab an extra pair of hands to help with this.

Pin your patches where your tape markers are. Try your item on again to check the positioning and shift around where necessary.

When your patches are in the right place, blanket stitch (see below) around the edges of your heart to secure it in place.

Repeat on the other patch and voila, you have a unique item made with love.


- Anchor your thread by doing a couple of stitches underneath the patch and near where you're going to begin stitching.

- Push the needle through the garment and your patch approximately ½ - 1cm in from its edge.

- Pull thread through tight and push needle back through over the edge of the patch, back through the garment.

- Bring needle back through right next to where you just exited the last stitch.

- Approx ½-1cm along from and level with where the first stitch began, enter back through the patch and garment but don't pull the thread too tight so it leaves loop.

- Keeping it vertically in line with the entry hole, bring the needle back though the garment at the edge of the patch making sure you pass it through the loop of thread and pull tight. 

- Enter back through the patch and garment at ½-1cm along from the previous stitch, leaving a loop, and then bring back though at the edge of the patch again passing through the loop. Continue this pattern all along the edge of the patch.

Blog post written by Helen Archard

Online Fashion Content Intern

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