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Easter DIY: Bunny Bonnet

Posted by Liv Heeney Oxfam Fashion blogger

28th Mar 2013

DIY Easter Rabbit Bonnet

When I think of Easter, apart from chocolate and chicks, I think of Easter bonnets. Other than primary school children, I am not aware of anyone who still makes (let alone wears) Easter bonnets. After seeing Maison Michel's veiled rabbit ears, I was determined that this year I would make some Easter headgear. The only fascinators available in my local haberdashery shop were too small so, after leaving rather disappointed, I decided visiting a local charity shop to give me some inspiration. That is where I came across a collection of miniature lamp shades, popular with pubs and grandma's houses all across the country. I now possessed a slightly unorthodox base for my bonnet but, for one pound, I was willing to take a chance. 


A miniature lamp shape (preferably white or cream) 

White and light pink felt 

A small ball of white wool 

White and light pink thread





Fabric glue

Elastic (optional)


If, like my lamp shade, yours has tassels, remove them. Although this pained me to do so, when the lamp is placed on your head they get squashed. 


Using the white felt, cut out two relatively large rabbit ears sized roughly the height of your lampshade. It may be easier to use a template to do this, many of which can be found for free online. Using the light pink felt, cut out two smaller shapes for the inside of the rabbit ears. (Again for this an online template may be useful)


Pin the light pink felt to the white felt and then hand sew using a light pink thread to secure the inner part of the ear to the outer. 


Sew the bottom of the ears to the bottom of the lamp shape. I then glued the inner side of the ears to the ridges of the lamp using fabric glue to make the ears stand up. 


To make the pompom for the rabbit's tail cut two circles out of card board (I used an empty cereal box). Within the circles cut out two smaller circles then use a small amount of sellotape to join the two sides together.


Start to wind the wool around your cardboard cut outs until your pompom becomes your desired thickness to make your rabbits tail. Once you are happy with the thickness, cut around the outside of you pompom, in between the two pieces of cardboard. Once you have cut all the way around, get a length of your wool and tie tightly around the middle of your pompom, in between the card, to secure the pieces of wool in place. Then you can remove the cardboard cut outs from your pompom.


Lastly, you need to attach your pompom to the back of your bonnet. I did a couple of tight stitches in the middle of my pompom, at the top and bottom and on either side, then secured it to the lamp shade using fabric glue.  I then attached some thin white elastic to either side of the lampshade to make sure my bonnet will stay on.

There you have it!  A DIY Easter bonnet which you can be proud to wear. I also think it could be used for a March Hare costume, because nothing says 'we're all mad here' like wearing a lamp shade on your head!



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Blog post written by Liv Heeney

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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