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Easter DIY: Gift Jars

Posted by Emily Perowne Oxfam supporter, daydreamer and lover of all things sustainable

21st Mar 2013

DIY Easter Rabbit Jar

You would think that being lactose intolerant means that I hate Easter, but actually I love it. I think part of the reason is due to the fact that my family always made a big effort to make it still fun, even without the traditional chocolate giving. Now you can buy an abundance of dark chocolate and even dairy-free Easter eggs but, when I was little, it wasn't the case. Instead we would get little Easter themed toys or new books. 

Because of this, every year I like to try and think of ways of giving my Godson and nieces and nephews something a little more special at Easter than just a chocolate egg that you can buy at the supermarket. This year, thanks to some Pinterest inspiration, I decided to create something for them that I had been dying to try ever since I'd first pinned the idea last September! This DIY is perfect because it combines recycling with chocolate giving, and what's more it's something that they will be able to keep long after Easter is over. 

It was so easy and fun to do and only took me a total of two hours, including the drying time. It was a little bit messy though, so be warned! 


Glass jars with lids 

Easter themed plastic animals (Check your local Oxfam shop!)

Spray paint


Mini, foil-wrapped chocolate Easter eggs or other treats

Newspaper - to avoid any glue or paint accidents on the table!


Wash your jars and remove any sticky residue left behind from the labels. I put mine in the dishwasher the night before, and then used nail varnish remover to get rid of any stubborn, excess glue.


Carefully glue your plastic animals onto the centre of the jar lids and leave to dry for at least an hour.


Make sure all surfaces are covered with newspaper and spray paint each of the lids. If you can, go outside or at least use a mask. 


Leave to dry for at least half an hour. I would recommend spraying with a second coat to ensure even coverage. Leave to dry completely.


 Fill your jars with chocolate eggs and finish by screwing on the new and improved lids!


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Blog post written by Emily Perowne

Oxfam supporter, daydreamer and lover of all things sustainable

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