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DIY: Aztec Pocket Tee

Posted by Liz Atherton Oxfam Fashion blogger

15th Apr 2013

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Aztec prints are lining the high street this season and are a great way to make a statement. Instead of following like sheep in a world of mass production, let's brave it and be unique! This week, I headed to Oxfam Emporium in Manchester and found this star buy which I decided to embellish with a bold Aztec print to create a quirky new style. 
Why not head to the Oxfam Online Shop and pick any style/colour jersey you fancy and try this fashion DIY out for yourself!


Oxfam top
Printed Braid
Needle & Thread

Select where on your jersey you would like the printed design, such as the edge of a pocket, collar or hem. Cut to size - remembering to leave a little extra either side for hemming. 


Carefully fold each end of the printed braid to neaten up the edges. A little handy tip to help maintain a tight fold when hemming is to press with a warm iron. Then pin the braid in place - here I followed the stitching along the top of the pocket as a guide.


Thread the needle. Using the pins to guide you, start from the top edge of the printed braid using a hemming stitch all the way along. Then do the same on the bottom edge until secure. 


Complete your DIY by pressing the jersey to give it a professional finish. 

It's that simple, you'll be doing it all the time. Good luck and Enjoy!

Blog post written by Liz Atherton

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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