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DIY Festival Fringing

Posted by Alannah Francis Oxfam Fashion blogger

18th Apr 2013

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Festival season has kicked off and, although we're only having brief spurts of sunshine here in the UK, over in the US where Coachella is taking place it's all sun and fun.Two big trends for summer festivals are 90s fashion and fringing. This fashion DIY combines both of those so you can hit two trends with one very fashionable stone.
I recently bought a high neck plain white crop top but I was desperate to make it my own as they are so popular at the moment. So here's what I did...


Crop top
Old t shirt/vest
Pencil/tailors chalk
Sewing machine


Using a ruler and a pencil mark out two cm marks on the old t shirt which will be cut for the fringe part. First mark horizontally and then vertically. Don't worry too much if the lines aren't perfect as the material will curl when cut anyway.


Measure and mark 3cm vertically from the start of your lines. This is the point where you should stop cutting when making the fringe (the excess will act as the hem).


Using fabric scissors cut down the lines stopping when you get to the 3cm mark.


Cut away the fringing from the rest of the top.


Pin or tack the fringing to the hem of the crop top, ensuring that the excess material is hidden. Cut away any excess fringing.


Sew around the hemline, taking the pins out as you go.

Now try on your newly tasseled handiwork.

This is a really versatile DIY. You can experiment with the placement of the fringing and the item of clothing. I'd wear this top with anything from leggings to denim. Why not pair with another fashion DIY like these denim peek-a-boo shorts or make your crop top even more individual by giving it the tie dye treatment.

Blog post written by Alannah Francis

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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