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DIY Monochrome Checkerboard Tee

Posted by Linsey Oxfam Fashion blogger

22nd Apr 2013

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In a few simple steps you can create just that. A plain tee is a brilliant blank canvas and the possibilities for sprucing one up are endless.

Inspired by the monochrome trend that is sweeping the streets at the moment, I have taken a plain black T shirt, and some scraps of white fabric to create a checkerboard effect with a hint of neon for good measure. The remnants can be sourced from an old item of clothing, haberdashery or charity shop

Fancy a bit of monochrome in your life? If black and white just isn't you, you can repeat these steps using a different colour T - shirt and scrap material.


A plain T-Shirt 
Some scraps of material 
Sharp scissors
Tape measure
Sewing machine

Take your scrap material and mark out your squares using your tape measure and very faintly pencil the lines onto the material. I measured my squares at 2x2 inches but you can use a different size, it's up to you.

Cut out all the squares until you have enough for your checker board.

Chalk out a large square on the front of the T-shirt, in the position you would like it, for the smaller squares to fit into. This will keep the checker board neat and tidy. Mine is 10x10 inches but you can choose the size you want.


Lay out the smaller squares, that you have cut previously, into the chalked square. Start by placing a small square in the corner of the chalked square, leave a space and place another square, continue until you have a large checkerboard effect. Place the neon square in the position of choice.

Double pin the small squares as it will make it easier to sew them neatly into place.


Now you have all your small squares pinned take the T - shirt to the sewing machine and stitch the squares into place. Check every now and again that the squares are all running inline neatly.

Cut off any excess cotton and tidy up the T shirt. Once this is done take a few moments to enjoy your new , on trend monochrome T shirt. Now all you need to do is go out and wear it!

Blog post written by Linsey

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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