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DIY Sabre Tooth Hat

Posted by Boatemaa Appiah Menkah Oxfam Fashion blogger

11th Apr 2013

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I had some old hats of my brother's lying around and I wanted to give them a bit of a revamp. I had some fabric paint and studs to hand so I transformed this one into a sabre-tooth style cap. I got the inspiration for this project from this cool Tumblr site and Adeen, specifically this hat, and I worked to combine the two ideas.


An old cap
White fabric paint (I watered mine down a little)
A hole puncher
A sponge
A stiff paintbrush
Studs (mine were called 'claw studs'- four medium, two large)
A screwdriver

Lay down some newspaper or a cloth to minimise mess and begin painting your hat, including under the brim. When covered, leave to dry.


After your hat has dried, create some markings as shown with a pencil. This makes it far easier to work out where you're going to put the studs.

Arrange the studs under the rim of the hat in a way you like. I used six studs with two larger ones on the edges acting as sabre 'canines' but you can add as many as you like. Draw around them with a pencil to mark their placement.


Using the hole puncher, punch holes through the rim of the hat where you want them. Choose a hole size just a little smaller than the size of the screw's stems so you have a snug fit.


Paint over any pencil markings and wait for your hat to dry a second time.

Insert the screws with the head of screws lying flush against the outerside of the hat rim. Attach the studs on the other side and use the screwdriver to tighten them properly. 

You can paint your cap any colour you want and use any kind of studs, but long ones work the best and create a nicer finish. Check the Oxfam Online Shop for a selection of customisable headgear.

Blog post written by Boatemaa Appiah Menkah

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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