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DIY From Plain to Patterned

Posted by Mary Key Oxfam Fashion blogger

30th May 2013

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I'm very lucky to have lots of lovely friends who let me borrow their babies because I miss having small people around! To say thank you for one particular friend, this month's DIY fashion post is a present for little Missy May. I took her with me yesterday for our weekly charity shop hunt and she chose a pretty but rather plain dress. 

Having given it a wash and a press, I got planning how I could make it more beautiful for my shopping chum. The first place I sought inspiration was the scraps box. The tiny pieces left over from our big quilting project of last year were the perfect colour and size to add to a teeny tiny frock!

Using a template I found online, I used the little pieces to cut a series of petals and flower centres. I used a very small piece of iron stiffening to keep the edges neat and avoid fraying whilst I sewed them in place.

Using my latest passion for embroidery I gave each of the flowers a chain stitch stem and pressed the whole thing again ready for a formal fitting from our little diva!

Blog post written by Mary Key

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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