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DIY Jeans to Customised Short Shorts

Posted by Liz Atherton Oxfam Fashion blogger

15th May 2013

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The 80s high-waisted denim shorts are every girl's fashion must-have this summer. This week I rummaged through Oxfam Lancaster to find this quality pair of straight-leg 'savvy' jeans and knew they would be perfect for my next fashion DIY. Festival lovers, creating this look is quick and easy, so get buying your denim!  Why not head down to your local Oxfam shop or check out the Oxfam Online Shop's 'jeans and trousers' section now and try this DIY out for yourself! 


High waisted jeans
Needle and thread

Start with deciding how short you want to cut the jeans. Whether you're going to go for the hot pant style or slightly longer leg, it's entirely up to you. Using a pen, draw out an arch shape on both legs and cut out. 
*HANDY TIP:* cutting straight across first gets rid of the bulk of the denim making it easier for you to cut more precisely, so you can achieve the perfect arch shape.


To make the shorts look more authentic I've used a fraying technique. Place the shorts onto a hard surface such as a stiff piece of cardboard or anything you don't mind getting a few scratches on. 

Work your way around the edges, holding the scissors closed. Press down hard, and move the scissors backwards and forwards to create friction that will weaken the denim. 


Repeat this action again and again until the threads in the denim loosen and create a nice frayed edge. Pull the white threads downwards to make a better effect.


Following on from my last blog post, I thought it would be nice to show another way to further jazz up your pockets. This time I used a pink braid and vintage lace but again you can use whatever kind of fabric you like. Denim is thick which makes it hard to sew through so make sure you use a strong needle. 

1. Cut the braid first and pin onto the denim, using the top of the pocket as a guide, use the hemming stitch to secure it on.
2. Repeat this technique with the lace, using the linear braid as a guide for your stitch and your look will be complete in minutes!
Good luck and enjoy!

Blog post written by Liz Atherton

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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