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DIY Wire Bracelets

Posted by Boatemaa Appiah Menkah Oxfam Fashion blogger

8th May 2013

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Colourful bracelets are the perfect accessory for the Spring/Summer season so why not make your own...


Memory wire of your choice
Wire cutters
Round nose pliers/ pliers 
Embroidery thread
A nail file
Curved Tube beads (optional)

Cut yourself a piece of wire, about 40cm, you can add more or use less, depending on your wrist size. Then cut a length embroidery thread, approximately 180cm long, and double it over itself.

At about 4cm in, bend the wire around the base of round nose pliers until the short end of the wire is facing you. Then bend the wire so it faces downward.

Wrap it once around itself, then get your embroidery thread, and loop it around the wire base. You can also tie a knot here then continue to wrap the wire around itself, making sure to properly catch and secure the embroidery thread.

Separate the embroidery thread halves and begin wrapping one half over the other. Continue to do this until you reach a length you're happy with, I stopped at about 20cm. Tie a knot where you stopped, to prevent the thread from unravelling.

(Optional) Get your tube bead out and feed the bracelet through, it's best to trim the thread this point, to make this stage easier.

About 4cm from where the thread stops, bend the wire over itself and squeeze the wire together until the bend meets, use your pliers for this.

Use the pliers again to hold the bend together and wrap the extra wire around the bracelet, making sure to wrap around where the embroidery thread ends in order to secure it. 

Cut off any extra wire and file down the left over edge so it doesn't scratch you, or catch on your clothing. (Do the same to the other side). Also, cut off any extra thread, as close to the base as possible (you might want to use a scalpel).

Fold the bent wire at about half way. Use your pliers to bend the looped half of the bracelet so it no longer points to one side.

And you're done! You can clip the two ends together once the bracelet is around your wrist. You can make them with or without tubed beads as well as mix and match colours.

Blog post written by Boatemaa Appiah Menkah

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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