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DIY Lace Embellished Blouse

Posted by Liz Atherton Oxfam Fashion blogger

10th Jun 2013

Shop festival fashion

A classic blouse is a must have for any occasions us girls have planned in our diaries but why should we all look like carbon copies of each other? Let's mix it up a little and make the jump from classic to statement in 3 simple steps. This week I found this star buy in my local Oxfam and decided to put my own stamp on it with some vintage daisy lace. Head to the Oxfam Online Shop and pick any style/colour blouse you fancy and try out this fashion DIY for yourself.



Select where on the blouse you would like the lace, then cut it to size.


Carefully pin the lace in place - here I decided to use the pin tucks in my Oxfam blouse as a little guide to follow in order to stitch the lace on.


Thread the needle. Using the pins to guide you, start from the top of the lace and work down to the bottom, weaving in and out.


1. When stitching flowers, thread inwards through each petal then thread upwards through the circular centre of the flower and repeat for each shape to secure the lace.

2. If your Oxfam purchase is chiffon (a fabric often used for evening wear that creates a floaty, elegant look) it is very thin and can often be slippery when pinning which can sometimes cause plucks. To avoid this, pin against a hard surface such as a table.

Blog post written by Liz Atherton

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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