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DIY No Sew Sparkly Sunglasses Case

Posted by Alannah Francis Oxfam Fashion blogger

17th Jun 2013

This is a really quick and easy fashion DIY which will give you a pretty pouch for your sunglasses. This glamorous pouch is perfect to take with you to festivals or on holiday this summer.


A selection of gems and/or sparkly bits
Sunglasses pouch (This DIY can also work on purses or plain clutch bags too).

Place the gems where you want them on the pouch. If you're going for a symmetrical pattern like mine, try and spread the gems as evenly as possible.

Use a pencil to mark where you've decided to place each gem. This will make sure you glue them back in the desired position.

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Glue underneath each gem evenly and place in the marked spot. Remember, a little superglue goes a long way! Avoid using too much as you don't want the glue to ooze out around the gem. Leave to dry.

Pop you sunglasses in and you're ready to go. Still looking for a great pair of sunglasses? Visit your nearest Oxfam shop. To find out where yours is, click here

Blog post written by Alannah Francis

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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