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An Oxfam Guide to Glastonbury Festival 2013

Posted by Sam Oliver Fashion Events Marketing Intern

20th Jun 2013

We have less than one week until the biggest festival in the world opens its gates to the hundreds of thousands of music-loving fashion enthusiasts that will set up house in the fields of Glastonbury for five days. 

Team Fash are ditching our desks and grabbing our wellies and heading to Glastonbury too- with not just one, not two, but three Oxfam Festival Shops on site- bringing you a tantalising selection of pieces from Oxfam Shops around the country… Sequins? We've got it. Jumpers? You bet! Helping you stay prepared for an undoubtedly amazing five days of fun, sun, music and fashion.

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For those of you that might not have been to a festival before- or one that isn't quite on scale with Glastonbury, (it's HUGE!) we've compiled a G-to-Y guide of festival essentials... It's like an A-to-Z but with a Glastonbury twist!

G is for Guide:  Be prepared! Plan your route and take a map or parking guide with you so you are prepared for the walk to and from car parks. A map of the festival and loads more info are easy to find on the Official website here;

L is for Loo Roll:  Those that have been to festivals need no introduction to a festival toilet, but if you haven't been before- you're in for a treat! Make sure you take plenty of loo roll with you, and keep some on you at all times. Compact tissue packs are always a good idea!

A is for Attitude:  This is one of the most exciting places on earth- so make the most of it with a bright and positive attitude. Make friends with those you're pitched up next to, look out for your friends and be friendly to festival staff- you never know who you could meet!

S is for Sweaters:  No matter how warm it is during the day, you are still camping… in a field… in a tent… in the middle of England. Fear not- The Oxfam Online Shop has something for everyone.  Have a look at our amazing range of vintage jumpers from Isle Of Wight Festival too.

T is for Tights:  The wonder of tights, trust me girls- pack a couple of pairs, just in case. They're great to have in your bag to slip on under those shorts or dress as the sun goes down and takes the temperature with it!

O is for Oxfam: Oxfam will be there in strength at Glastonbury- with a host of stewards, a group of avid campaigners and three amazing Oxfam Festival Shops. We made a splash at the Isle of Wight Festival with our Love Syria campaign, and we will be back at Glastonbury, bigger and better then before! To find out more about our Love Syria campaign and what Oxfam is doing to help the people of Syria click here.

N is for Nutrition:  If you're planning on making the most of your Glastonbury trip, you need to stay healthy and eat well! Make sure you take plenty of water with you plus healthy snacks such as dried fruit, nuts and flapjack for a sugar boost, which can help keep you going as you carry your Oxfam Festival Shop purchases back to your tent!

B is for Batteries:  From torches to phones, beard trimmers to iPads- everything needs a battery, so make sure you check the batteries in your torch and bring spares, plus it might be worth investing in a portable charger if you can't live without your phone. 

U is for Umbrella:  Think about what you're going to do if it rains… that brand new hoody might look awesome, but it's not going to keep you dry. Make sure you take a lightweight water-resistant jacket with you, plus it's always great as a barrier between you and the mud whilst eating alfresco. Have a look at some great choices from the Oxfam Online Shop here.

R is for Rest & Recovery: If you're like me and you like your sleep, you will need to be as comfortable as possible! Make sure your sleeping bag is freshly aired out or washed, and invest in a roll up matt or blow up mattress to sleep on… trust me, you will want it three days in! When you might like to call it a night at 3am but chatterbox next door has no intention of sleeping, do yourself a favour and invest in some travel earplugs and wake up refreshed and ready the next day!

Y is for You:  Be prepared, be safe and have fun! Laugh, sing, dance and do what makes you happy! You can bring happiness to other people's lives while you're at it too- stop by Oxfam Love Syria tent and have a chat with our campaigners about the work we're doing to help the people of Syria or have a browse at one of our Oxfam Festival Shops and try on fabulous vintage pieces you won't find anywhere else!

Find out more about Oxfam and see what we got up at the Isle Of Wight Festival last week here.

See you at Glastonbury!

Blog post written by Sam Oliver

Fashion Events Marketing Intern

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