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DIY How to make a Pom Pom

Posted by Kelly OConnor Digital and Events Marketing Coordinator

5th Jul 2013

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One of the three Oxfam Festival Shops at Glastonbury 2013 was dedicated to all things knitted. Known as the Pom Pom Palace, it was a woollen wonderland of pom poms, jumpers and nanna blankets perfect for the cold festival nights. To become a Pom Pom Prince or Princess is easy with this simple DIY...

Sharp Scissors


Draw around the two large round items on the cardboard and then in the middle of that draw around the small round item.


Cut out the circle and the middle section and then cut a small slice out the side to fit your wool around.



Get your wool and start to wrap around the cardboard ring - carry on doing this again and again and again until it gets about an inch or more thick. (The bigger and thicker the pom pom the more wool you wrap around.)


Once your done cut the wool away from the ball and then cut a piece of wool about 20 cm long.


Place this in between the two cardboard ring pieces at the inner section and hold in place (this will end up securing your pom pom)


Start cutting the wool around the outer edge of the ring and pull through the wool in between the pieces as you go (this is the fiddly bit)


When you're done the two ends you have wrapped in between should meet. Tie them as tight as you can.


Remove the ring and fluff out your pompom (It may need a little trim to make it a lovely ball shape)

There you have it- a lovely pom pom! If you want to make it multi coloured just add different coloured wool when you're wrapping it around.You can do a whole range of different colours and sizes, they are great to attached to bags or as keyrings and can be given out as small home-made gifts to your friends and family. 
Pom poms make a great festival fashion accessory- get your festival friends over before you go and have a night in making them and customising garments to compliment your thrifty festival wardrobe! 
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Blog post written by Kelly OConnor

Digital and Events Marketing Coordinator

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