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How to Knit with the Oxfam Festival Shop at Glastonbury

Posted by Helen Archard Online Fashion Content Intern

8th Jul 2013

One of the three Glastonbury Festival Oxfam shops, dubbed the 'Pom Pom Palace', is a colourful treasure trove of all things woollen. Despite the glorious sunshine over the weekend, team fash soon found out the nights were bitterly cold and we were in much need of some of these knitted delights. In amongst the 'nanna blankets' and an ever growing mass of pom poms, we caught up with Jacky Hall, Oxfam volunteer and avid knitter, who gave us her beginner's guide to knitting.

To learn to knit you simply need:  some needles, a ball of wool and a little patience.


1. Make a slip knot and tighten over your left hand needle. 
2. Using your right hand needle, push it through the loop crossing it behind the left needle.

3. Wrap the tail end of the wool in between the needles crossover and ease your right hand needle over the thread and through the loop.
4. Ease this new stitch up to hook over the left hand needle and pull the right hand one out.

5. Repeat from step two until you have substantial row of stitches. At a more advanced level you may use a pattern which will dictate appropriate stitches etc.

After the tricky casting on, it's time to start knitting...

 1. Take your left needle (which you've cast on to) and push your right needle in behind the first stitch at the pointy end.
2. Wrap the tail end in between the crossed over needles 
3. Push right needle out behind this new stitch and in front of the left needle.

4. Ease stitch off the end of the left hand needle and it should now be on the right hand needle.
5. Repeat this until all stitches are now on the right hand needle.

6. Swap your right needle over to become your left needle again and repeat the process.

This is just a starter guide to the basics of knitting and there's a little way to go before we're knitting full on woolly jumpers but it's definitely enough to catch the knitting bug.


** To remember the knitting steps, Jacky uses this catchy rhyme..
In through the front door
(step one)
Don't forget your scarf
(step two)
Out through the back door
(step three)
Before the cat barfs
(step four)

**For a beginner's project, Jacky suggests something simple and square/rectangular piece such as a scarf or patch. 
**One top knitting idea is to knit a long rectangular piece then fold in half and stitch around the edges to make a cosy phone case or card holder!

If you didn't visit the 'Pom Pom Palace' on site at Glasto, have a browse of our fabulous knitwear on the Oxfam Online Shop...

Blog post written by Helen Archard

Online Fashion Content Intern

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