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DIY Floral Pocket Blouse

Posted by Liz Atherton Oxfam Fashion blogger

15th Aug 2013

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Although we are nearing the last month or so of potential sunshine, it is still crucial to embrace the acceptability of bright Summer colours on a daily basis. So for this month's DIY I went on the hunt for a bright, cheerful and fun blouse and, once again, Oxfam Lancaster had the answer. I also purchased a floral cushion cover and used it to create this quirky floral pocket plus the remaining fabric will come in handy for multiple DIYs.

So don't waste any time, get yourself to your nearest Oxfam shop or the Oxfam Online Shop now and put your DIY heads firmly on!


  • Oxfam blouse
  • Old cushion cover/flowery Oxfam tee
  • Beads
  • Needle & thread
  • Scissors


Cut floral fabric to size and fold at each edge to avoid fraying. Use the stitched line of the pocket as a guide and pin the new fabric to the blouse.


Stitch the fabric to the blouse either by hand or by machine, but remember to take your time and make sure you don't stitch the pocket closed making it unusable.


Select any bead or button and sew onto the very corner tip of the collar to create an elegant and stylish effect.

Blog post written by Liz Atherton

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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