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DIY Print Panelled Denim Shorts

Posted by Alannah Francis Oxfam Fashion blogger

6th Aug 2013

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Festival season is in full swing and, with that, the denim trend continues. Denim shorts are the perfect starting point for any festival outfit and here's how you can make yours stand out from the crowd.


Denim shorts 
Leopard print fabric or other fabric of choice (I used an A4 sheet of Leopard print felt) 
Iron-on adhesive (Make sure it's one which is suitable for denim and your material)
Tracing/baking paper


Place the baking paper over one side of the denim shorts and outline the panel with a pencil. Make sure you draw around the edge of the pocket as you don't want to seal the pocket. Don't worry if the outline is bigger than the panel as you can always cut off any excess material later.


Use the baking paper template as a guide to cut out the same shape on the iron-on adhesive.


Pre-heat the iron to a silk setting and iron the iron-on adhesive, paper side up, onto the wrong side of your chosen fabric.


Leave to cool. This will allow the iron-on adhesive to bond to the fabric.


Once cooled, peel off the paper backing and cut away any excess material not covered by the iron-on adhesive.

Place the material onto the panel, right side up, and iron. If the panel is too big use a fabric scissors to cut off any excess material.

*Useful tips* Once bonded, it is best not to machine sew over the fabric due to the thickness of the adhesive. Hand wash in cool water.

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Blog post written by Alannah Francis

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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