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DIY Yarn Friendship Bracelets

Posted by Boatemaa Appiah Menkah Oxfam Fashion blogger

9th Aug 2013

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This is a very simple DIY just pick out the yarn colours you want for your bracelet and any embellishment and you're good to go.


A bracelet charm or beads (optional)

Cut your yarn to the length you want, I usually use about 60cm so I can wrap the bracelet around my wrist several times. 

Tie a tight knot at one end of the yarns.

Find something heavy to anchor your yarn at the knotted end, or get a friend to hold it for you, then begin to plait the yarn, take your time and do it neatly. 

After a certain length, you can secure the yarn by attaching it to a hook or door handle, it helps to keep the yarn resulting in a neater bracelet.

Trim off any extra yarn.

And before the yarn starts to unravel, string on your chosen charm.

Cut off the knot from the other end, and tie the ends together tightly. 

You can use whatever charm you want, or not use one at all. 

I've been wearing the pink and purple bracelet for over two years, and all the extra fibre that makes them a little fuzzy fade away after a few days.

Blog post written by Boatemaa Appiah Menkah

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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