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The Monsoon Trust & Ethical Fashion Lovers: Measure Up

15th Aug 2013

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In the wake of the Rana Plaza tragedy, the fashion industry has been scrutinised by the media and consumers blamed for their fast-fashion habits. Ethical fashion has slowly gained traction over the years, but there are still a lot of misconceptions around ethical and sustainable shopping in general.  How easy is it really? The Monsoon Trust asked some ethical fashion lovers to weight in:

Eve over at Measure Up gives her take on the situation

I still think a lack of information to differentiate between different companies is the biggest problem.  It's still really hard to find out which companies are doing things well and which are doing things badly.  Some of the biggest brands are starting to be more transparent, but there's still a long way to go.

Our clothes have become too cheap and too disposable.  Whereas in the past people might have had a couple of new outfits a year, many of us now want a new one every week!  This just isn't sustainable and it seems to be leading retailers to push to find ever cheaper ways of producing large quantities of clothing - even at the expense of things like safety as the tragic events at Rana Plaza showed. Seeing the massive-scale industrialisation taking place and talking to locals about their working conditions gave us a much clearer and often shocking picture of the origins of many of the products we buy.

Keep an eye on the blog over the next week for more sustainable fashion talk from The Monsoon Trust and featured ethical fashion bloggers.