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DIY Blazer Customisation

Posted by Natalie Tsoh Oxfam Fashion blogger

26th Sep 2013

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I have been looking for a blazer, much like the one frequently worn by Blake Lively, for the longest time possible and, when a pair of my gorgeous shoes broke at work, I immediately took it as a sign. My shoes are velvet and are adorned with embellished crown patches. Not long before that, my mother had come to me bearing a gift, a gift that was a striped blazer that was a little...well...characterless. I put two and two together and created a designer inspired blazer in a matter of minutes.

To get my patch, I had to use a seam ripper to remove the patches from my shoes and give it a good wipe clean. 

Step 1: Lay the blazer flat onto an even surface and align the crest/patch accordingly. If your blazer has stripes, use this as a guide. 

Step 2: Sew the outer most points symmetrically. So for this case, I sewed the top of the cross first, then then the widest points of the crown, then the two bottom corners. If you sew around, you run the risk of mis-aligning the crown in the process.

That's it!

This DIY technically cost me nothing as the blazer was gifted and the patch was obtained from my shoes. I plan on making more of these as I still have the patch from the other shoe and vintage patches from when I used to collect them. Check out the Oxfam Online Shop for blazers to customise yourself!

Blog post written by Natalie Tsoh

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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