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DIY Cabuchon Embellishment Technique

Posted by Cassiefairy Oxfam Fashion blogger

19th Sep 2013

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Cabuchons are everywhere this year. I'd never even heard of the word until the start of the summer and now these little resin flowers, animals and bows are attached to every piece of jewellery, every accessory and even on mobile phone cases on the high street. I think they are cute and kitsch and the colours are usually muted pastel tones. I love faded, sun-bleached colours at this time of year! I want to add my own cabuchons to my accessories, such as these sunglasses below, to funk them up for the end of the summer and get a little extra wear out of an old pair of sunnies. Plus, I want to get ahead of the trend and start adding cabuchons to my clothing too - so here are a couple of tutorials for adding these cute acrylic embellishments to your own fashion items:

SUNGLASSES: Super-glue or hot glue gun with glue sticks, Sunglasses, Resin cabuchons

I used super-super glue (or you could use a hot glue gun) to attach these cute cabuchon bows to the corners of my sunglasses - pretty simple, but just make sure you don't try them on until the glue has completely dried/cooled otherwise you will get your hair stuck in the tacky glue! I got these resin bows from Wholeport [] but you can find cabuchons of all shapes and colours from online haberdasheries and craft shops.

EMBELLISED T-SHIRT: t-shirt/top/cardigan, cabochon buttons, needle, matching thread.

I got an t-shirt in a floral print from the car boot sale (ready for autumn with the longer-sleeves!) but you can find similar tops ripe for embellishing in charity shops and online at Oxfam Online Shop. I chose some co-ordinating rose cabochon buttons and stitched them to the top at intervals around the neckline. You could use this same technique with buttons and could add the embellishments to the neckline of dresses, around the edge of cardigans or on collars to funk up your wardrobe for autumn.

Blog post written by Cassiefairy

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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