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DIY Chain Bracelet

Posted by Boatemaa Appiah Menkah Oxfam Fashion blogger

24th Sep 2013

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Round nosed pliers
Chains used for jewellery making
Wire cutters
A Lobster Clasp

Begin by cutting your chain into smaller more manageable lengths.

Select a piece and measure it around your middle finger.

After measuring, cut the chain to the length that fits around your finger comfortably.

Use your pliers to open up one of links and hook it up to the other half forming a complete loop. Remember to try it out; making sure it fits snugly, but not tight enough to be uncomfortable.

Select another length of chain, this one will run from the ring finger to the wrist.

Attach this piece of chain to the ringed chain you made before.

With a final piece of chain measure around your wrist to find a length you are comfortable to cut it to.

Then get out your lobster clasp, it should come with two jump rings, select the one that is located at the top of the clasp.Open up this jump ring and attach it to the end of the chain that you measured for your wrist.

Do the same with the other end of the lobster clasp creating a complete bracelet

Finally, attach the main part of the chain that leads from the finger, to the middle of the bracelet you just created to complete it.

Feel free to adjust this in any way you want so that it falls higher or lower on your wrist, or even shorten the length of the chain. Why not try doubling the chains up for an interesting look.

Blog post written by Boatemaa Appiah Menkah

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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