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DIY Neon Mesh TShirt

Posted by Linsey Oxfam Fashion blogger

26th Sep 2013

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I am going to customise an old T shirt by cutting a triangular section at the back and stitching in some neon mesh. 

You will need

• A top of choice
• Neon netting (or material of choice)
• Scissors
• Chalk
• Cotton
• Tape measure

Step 1

Lay your top out and use the tape measure and chalk to mark a triangle in the position of choice. Mine will be at the back. 

Step 2

Cut out the triangle

Step 3
Turn the T-shirt inside out and pin the neon mesh or chosen material to the top of the triangle and turn it back the right way. I find pinning the mesh inside out first is easier. Rearrange the mesh neatly and pin the rest of the material. 

Step 4
Sew the mesh to the T- shirt using the sewing machine, double stitch to make sure it is firmly in place and flip the tee inside out again to tidy up the edging.

Step 5
You now have a neon glow shirt, go radiate somewhere!

Blog post written by Linsey

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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