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In Love with Liberty

Posted by Sophie McFegan Vintage Fashion Intern

16th Sep 2013

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As an iconic heritage brand, Liberty of London's pieces are each a unique snapshot of our national fashion history - oh so quintessentially British! 

At Oxfam Online Shop Batley, our collection of vintage Liberty prints has absolutely blossomed this summer and to celebrate the re-launch of the 2013 Liberty Sewing School, we're presenting a bumper crop of timeless Liberty treasures on our online shop!

Liberty have realised that DIY is a continuing trend within the fashion industry and their Sewing School offers classes in a modern make-do-and-mend style-y; such as 'Learn to knit' and 'An Introduction to Patchwork'.

At Oxfam Online Shop Batley we're passionate about DIY too and run our own vibrant and creative up-cycling project. Our talented sewing machine whizz Perpetual has been giving forgotten fashions a new lease of life  - shortening maxi skirts into to skater skirts and adding contrasting print patches to revive moth-nibbled luxury cashmere coats.

Just imagine what you could do with our collection of Liberty printed maxi skirts…

How about shortening a long hemline into Autumn/Winter 13's hip 'New Skirt Shape' - a ladylike, 50's inspired just-on-the-knee length? You'd even have the off-cuts to fashion a small purse or headscarf for a gift.

With a little time and some basic sewing skills you can easily modernise a stunning example of British fashion design into something much more wearable. The great thing is - Liberty prints are and were produced on very high quality fabrics - which have great durability and will last well into a second life.

We encourage you to be creative; don't write an amazing fabric off because the silhouette is wrong - fashion is there to be interpreted to your own personal style. The prints in our collection of vintage Liberty scarves are still so fresh they'd look chic tied to your favourite handbag or as a headscarf - no up-cycling needed!

Take inspiration from Liberty of London's 'do-it-yourself' attitude - snap up a pre-loved Liberty piece from Oxfam's Online Shop and create a stunning Autumn/Winter look which will definitely turn heads.


Blog post written by Sophie McFegan

Vintage Fashion Intern

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