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Vintage Brand of the Week: Aquascutum

Posted by Sophie McFegan Vintage Fashion Intern

23rd Sep 2013

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We're welcoming in the cold weather with open arms here at Oxfam Batley this week  with our wonderful collection of vintage coats!

Think 'stolen from your boyfriend and totally oversized', our Autumn/Winter coat shape is perfect for effortless androgynous style. From brightly coloured tapestry  to calf length capes and monochrome tweed, there really is something for everyone. The best part is that by choosing to buy from the vintage section of the Oxfam Online Shop, you'll never be caught in that awkward she's-wearing-the-same-coat-as-me situation again!

Two of our favourite pieces from this collection just so happen to be this pair of 1980's Aquascutum woolen coats and, while they may be polar opposites in colour and shape, they both fulfill our new coat shape trend beautifully.

The black woolen cape is a perfect winter coat, incredibly versatile and will see you through the colder months without so much as a shiver. The colourful checkered blazer coat is so vibrant it will instantly liven up any dreary, rainy day. For those not so willing to let go of summer just yet, this coat will take the bright colours of last season into next and keep you feeling warm and happy all winter long.

At the end of yet another London Fashion Week  we have been celebrating British heritage brands such as Aquascutum and we wanted to delve into the long stretching history of this iconic label.

In 1851, over a century and a half ago, John Emery opened his very first store on Regent Street, London. Aquascutum was born not long after, rebranded to inject the essence of his creations into the name. Latin for 'water shield', Aquascutum produced a range of outerwear designed to do just as the name now suggested. Initially a military uniform service, Emery's patented waterproof fabrics earned his relatively new brand a royal warrant by 1897 and went on to create perhaps one of the most iconic garments of all time.

During the first and second world war, Aquascutum provided soldiers with trench coats designed entirely for functionability and protection during their time at war. The style of this outerwear garment became so popular that, after the war, demand rocketed for a finely crafted and wearable trench coat from those in all walks of life. Popularised by film stars such as Humphrey Bogart and Peter Sellers, this innovative creation has been steadfast within the fashion industry ever since, reinvented year after year, by brand after brand. To think the trench coat was once just part of a military uniform and now it is an essential and staple wardrobe item alongside the likes of the blazer, the cape and the cocoon.

Aquascutum is recognised for it's quintessentially British heritage and fine craftmanship. The brand creates chic and wearable garments to protect from the elements while at the same time providing the wearer with effortless style. Quality items are designed to last and as fashion trends continuously repeat themselves within the industry, our oversized, cocoon-like woolen coats are perfect for the new season.

Blog post written by Sophie McFegan

Vintage Fashion Intern

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