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DIY Star Pencil Skirt

Posted by Linsey Oxfam Fashion blogger

1st Oct 2013

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Today I am going to take a dress and turn it into a very on trend pencil skirt. 
If you have any old dresses that are perhaps wearing a little thin around the armpits this is the perfect way to recycle it, into a skirt!
You will need
• Old dress
• Scissors
• Tape measure
• Denim 
• Card
• Pen/pencil
• Pins

Step One

Take your old dress and lay it out flat. Mark a line where you would like to cut it or freehand it if you are feeling confident. I'm making a pencil skirt but you can make a shorter skirt if you wish.

Step Two

Once the skirt section is cut, take about a cm, fold over to create a hem and pin.

Step Three

Stitch the hem and tidy up any excess material that there maybe and you now have one delightful pencil skirt.

If you want to customise the skirt you can;I have added denim stars.

Step Four

You'll need a star template. Cut a star (search for a template in a newspaper, on the internet or find a postcard). Place it on some card and draw around it, cut it out and use as a template.

Step Five

Take some old cut off denim or other material and cut out several stars using the template. Cut as many as required.

Step Six

Take the cut out denim stars; place them where desired on the skirt and pin.

Step Seven

Take to the sewing machine and stitch; you now have one beautiful pencil skirt covered in stars. Go shine somewhere!

Blog post written by Linsey

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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