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The Perfect Way to Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Posted by Amelia Glynn Online Fashion Content Assistant

23rd Oct 2013

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In the words of fiction's most unfortunate family, the Starks, "Winter is coming". Last night's thunderstorms proved that. Our beautiful autumn is waning; the leaves are clinging onto the trees in a last attempt to brighten our grey days and the crisp cold mornings have turned to damp, drizzly affairs. But all is not lost! Personally I'm embracing winter's affect on my wardrobe. I'm enjoying layering up, wearing black and I bought a lovely grey winter coat. But if unlike me, you aren't a huge fan of greys, blacks and all things sinister in your wardrobe; or maybe you are  but you'd like to add a splash of colour to your outfit, I have the solution. 

These floral vintage scarves do just the trick! They are absolutely stunning and will add some of those autumnal colours into your winter wardrobe without looking too summery. They're also fantastic for adding a new layer of sophistication (and warmth) to one's outfit. These ones can all be found on the Oxfam Online Shop where there are many, many more to be found- take a look today!

Blog post written by Amelia Glynn

Online Fashion Content Assistant

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