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Seriously Simple No-Sew Upcycle: From pleated skirt to swishy cape

Posted by Helen le Caplain Oxfam Fashion blogger

9th Oct 2013

I was eagerly eyeing up capes a couple of winters ago but never found something that was just right so my lusty yearnings waned and I focused on my next 'must-have' wardrobe staple.

All changed when I took a trip to a vintage boutique in Brixton a couple of weeks ago and clapped eyes on a tartan beauty that reignited my hankering for one.

But with an eye-watering price tag and a budget to stick to I could only window shop and left the shop with a melodramatic sigh and a desire to get my hands on one of my own.

I decided to get crafty and make my very own cape using a skirt that was destined for the charity shop.

You will need

  • Full skirt with an elasticated waistband (though I reckon a button fastening would work equally well)
  • Scissors
  • Tailor's chalk or straight pins

Step One

Place the skirt over your head and see how it hangs.

Step Two

Unpick the seam of the lining (or as in this case cut away the triple stitching) to make a split up to the waistband/shoulder seam.

Step Three

Use tailor's chalk to mark where you'd like the armholes to be (or do as I did and gauge it by sight).

Step Four

Cut a slit either side of the skirt which is big enough to get your arms through.

Step Five

If required hem around the slit to ensure the edges don't fray.

Step Six

Wear with pride!

Blog post written by Helen le Caplain

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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