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Top Tips for Charity Shopping

Posted by Linsey Oxfam Fashion blogger

30th Oct 2013

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For years I have enjoyed charity shopping. I like my outfits to be a mix of vintage, high street, high end (this one is very rare) and charity shop items. I have found some lovely treasures in my time from vintage handbags to summer dresses.

Times are becoming tighter with some feeling a very serious pinch on the wallet and no money left for luxuries, leaving the wardrobe emptier; but you can shop well on a budget. There is no need for your wardrobe to suffer with so many bargains nestling in the many charity shops around.

There are many reasons why I love charity shopping and I have listed some below.
• They are cheaper than the high street shops 
• You can find one-off treasures and gems
• You can bring an item back to life by re-loving, re-using and re-cycling items
• The item already has a history and now a future
• There is an array of clothes, books, records and homewares
• You can satisfy the inner rummager in you
• You might find a treasure worth monetary or sentimental value
• You can feel good knowing you are supporting a worthwhile cause as you shop
• The staff are generally very happy to be serving you and very helpful

If you don't like rummaging but like the idea of bargain prices- go into a charity shop with a clear idea of what you want, head straight to the rack and if you can't find it, leave- simple! Head to your local Oxfam shop to find your own set of treasures!

I have popped in a set questions to ask yourself (if you want) before you buy, just because it's cheaper doesn't mean you need it. If you have never tried it, give it a whirl, you might like it and if not, you will like the price tag. 

Blog post written by Linsey

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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