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The Ultimate Winter Coat

Posted by Amelia Glynn Online Fashion Content Assistant

31st Oct 2013

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With Halloween past us and Bonfire Night fast approaching, it can only mean one thing... It's time for a new winter coat. If, like me, you want a nice new winter coat but you want to buy it ethically, then looking at the Oxfam Online Shop is a good option. Not only do you avoid the hefty highstreet price tags but you can avoid the soul destroying nightmare that is shopping in sub-zero temperatures before you have actually found a winter coat to keep you warm... So shnuggle up under your duvet, grab a hot beverage, maybe even a hot water bottle if you want to go all out, and let me do the work for you...

First up we have the *serious* winter coats- these ones are going to keep you toasty to the point where you might actually forget that you are living in Britain in November. Camel is a classic colour for winter coats; it's timeless, as is the gorgeous dufflecoat design on these ones. If you're after something classic, something that will last and something incredibly warm- I recommend something like this.

Next up, we have the tartan cape. It's not your average Joe. These capes are for the free of spirit and bold of heart; they are for the braver fashionistas among us. The cape harks back to a time gone and can be dressed up for a smart sophistaicated look or dressed down into a punky grunge style. If you want something warm, something a little bit different and you want to follow this seasons tartan trend- then these capes are for you.

And finally, we have the patterned raincoats. For those of you who feel like winter brings you down, this is the coat to perk you right back up again! These styles will not only keep you dry but will keep you smiling. The lighter weight allows a bit more manoeuvrability and allows you to wear a thicker jumper underneath. If you want a bright, light and waterproof jacket this winter- these patterned raincoats are the ones for you!

All of these coats and many, many more are available on the Oxfam Online Shop- take a look for yourself  : )

Blog post written by Amelia Glynn

Online Fashion Content Assistant

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Amelia Glynn