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Charity Shop Christmas Gifts: Part 2

Posted by Amelia Glynn Online Fashion Content Assistant

27th Nov 2013

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Isabella Stockwell

As a child, unwrapping presents and getting the toy you have longed for, for months is one of the most exciting times of the year. However, as you grow older, you realise that Christmas is as much about giving as receiving. Visiting the shops for the perfect gift that will make someone feel loved and warm on the inside can be a lot of fun, but I personally gain more satisfaction from trawling through the charity shops. Like walking into a cave full of treasure, you never know what you may find; that vintage dress that is perfect for your sister, that board game you played as a child that you know your daughter will love, or that book that you know will keep your Granddad company in the cold winter evenings.

When I buy a gift from a charity shop, I'm not only giving to the person who will receive a gift, but I'm also giving to a charity, like Oxfam, who give to someone else to make their life better. Spending that 50p on a book from a charity shop that's never been read therefore not only makes my bank account happy, but a chain of other people happy too; the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit while saving the pennies and being kind of the environment.

My personal favourite finds this year include a fairy outfit that I know my little girl will adore, a vintage-style picnic basket for my Mum which I shall fill with wine and food, and an Elvis pig that jumps across the floor. Just because it's funny.

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Danielle Dammes

My mother was always addicted to charity shops and jumble sales, so I didn't really stand a chance myself, I was always going to get the bug.

We didn't have much money when I was growing up, so we'd buy each other secondhand gifts. I never felt like I was missing out, or that I didn't have a fantastic Christmas. This stood me in good stead for when I had my own child. Children's toys and clothes are so expensive for how quickly they grow out of them, and my daughter really isn't bothered whether they're new or not, all that matters is that they are new to her. She doesn't mind if it's in a box, or how much I paid for it.

I've also recently started buying from charity shops for the adults in my life too, my husband and close relatives. You find many unique quality items in charity shops that you know that no one else will get. You can build up really personal presents that actually mean something with a little bit of effort. Much better than the tat you are compelled to buy in all the shops throughout November and December. It'll mean so much to someone if you show you actually made an effort and put some thought into their present.

As well as all this, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you stopped something from ending up in landfill. You've given something a second chance in life, rather than settling for something cheap and poor quality. Also, as there isn't usually much packaging when buying a second hand gift, there isn't the post Christmas guilt that comes with a bin full of packaging and wrapping paper.

Tell me, why wouldn't you buy from charity shops this Christmas?

And here as a picture of my daughter in her flower girl dress at our wedding. It was from a charity shop and cost £6

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Blog post written by Amelia Glynn

Online Fashion Content Assistant

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