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DIY: How To Cross Stitch Your Own Christmas Cards

Posted by SJP Oxfam Fashion blogger

6th Dec 2013

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As lovely as shop-bought cards can be, they can never quite match the quaintness of a handmade, personalised card. I like to make a selection of Christmas cards every year and thought I would share with you how to make your own cross stitched Christmas cards.

These Christmassy patterns could also be stitched onto handkerchiefs, tea towels or shirt collars, making them the perfect Christmas gift.

You will need:

  • A needle
  • Selection of embroidery threads
  • ¼ meter of aida cloth
  • Blank cards with a minimum aperture of 4cm x 4cm (the cards in this tutorial have an aperture of 6cm x 6cm)
  • Graph paper
  • Selection of coloured pencils
  • Washi tape

Step by step

Step One: Designing your own Christmassy patterns is easy - simply take your graph paper and start shading in each square to build up a design. The design I've made here is a snowman and you can see the squares have been built up to make circles for his head and body.

Step Two: Cut your aida to fit the aperture of your card, leaving an additional ½ cm border  - this isn't for stitching but will help when later securing the finished stitch to your card.

Step Three: Take your skein of embroidery thread, cut off a 30cm piece and divide it into three sections. The skein is made up of six individual threads so you should now have three 30cm pieces, made up of two threads each. Now you need to thread your needle and start stitching! Remember to leave a ½ border around the edges.

Step Four: Once finished, secure the stitch to the back of the card using washi tape. I've used festive red and white stripes here but you could use any pattern you like.

Optional - use silver or gold pens to write a Christmas greeting on the outside of the card.

Et volia! Each motif should take around 30 minutes to stitch and can easily be done in front of the TV of an evening, or even on your lunch break. In a couple of days you'll have enough designs for whole set of Christmas cards!

Blog post written by SJP

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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