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DIY Mini Motif T-Shirt

Posted by Natalie Tsoh Oxfam Fashion blogger

4th Nov 2013

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If you're like me and dislike large motif tees, there is hope for you yet! Try mini-motif tees, a muted and affordable alternative. You can be as creative or subtle as you want. For this, I found a cute little image on Tumblr with 'I am surrounded by idiots' encased in a purple heart. I thought this would be great to transfer onto a t-shirt and bring on holiday with me as I was travelling with my friends.


Step One

Find an image you would like to print out, place the transfer paper into the printer with the lines facing up and print your image onto it. The image should then print onto the non-lined side of the paper.

Step Two

Cut out image and align on t-shirt.

Step Three

Peel the backing from the graphic you've printed out, lay image graphic-side up so the writing is readable and align. Lay the protective paper on top and iron in circular motions for 90 - 120 seconds.


You can create a multitude of t-shirts this way with different graphics. The possibilities are endless!

Blog post written by Natalie Tsoh

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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