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Guest Blog by Britishette: Oxfam is going to save your Christmas

Posted by Amelia Glynn Online Fashion Content Assistant

12th Nov 2013

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This week, guest blogger Britishette tells us how Oxfam is going to save our Christmas...

It is only November but the Christmas race has already started. What am I going to get for my mum? For my little brothers? For my mother in law? And even more importantly, what am I going to wear for the several Christmas parties that will start as soon as mid-December?

Because here is the thing: there will be so many pictures! So, you want a new dress, so as to not look like last year's pictures, but with all the gifts to buy, your wallet only offers limited possibilities. Charity shopping will allow you not to compromise on style, yet not ruin your bank account. And if you do good in the process, what's not to like?

I really like a good party dress, hell I have had a few. But I probably won't wear the dress many times, because of all those pictures that will be taken of me in it. Right?

My solution: Hitting the charity shops! I found the dress below in a charity shop and wore it to a black tie event: it looked stylish (from the French brand Maje) but was easy on the wallet.

For the same reason that you won't wear your party dress many times, you will find a huge number of them in charity shops. Most likely, many ladies will not wear their New Year's Eve dress a second time. Guilty as charged… Your luck! If you save money on the price tag, you can afford to get it tailored and then you'll start to look really chic (because really it's all about tailoring). 

Of course, what often happens when I go charity shopping is I'm looking for a dress and will leave with a coat… That's why it's really smart to also keep an eye open for gifts for your friends/family. Since about a year ago, I always offer second hand treasures to my brothers and that's how I can offer them: an elegant Fred Perry polo shirt, a North Face jacket, a Superdry Tee… 

Same goes for my mum and my husband. With him, it's easy, he'll go for anything Arsenal. Living in Islington, I always find Arsenal gear in the charity shops! Done and done, before you know it, you have gifts for everybody!

I even made my mother in law extraordinarily happy when I got her an Austrian Geiger wool coat, which usually goes well over £300… She really likes me now! 
The real secret is START EARLY!

Thank you Britishette! Make sure you check out the rest of Britishette's blog posts on her site and follow her on twitter @britishette

Blog post written by Amelia Glynn

Online Fashion Content Assistant

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