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How To: Finger Knitting a Scarf

Posted by Liv Heeney Oxfam Fashion blogger

13th Nov 2013

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When I first learnt to knit about two years ago I started with finger knitting. I was able to pick it up really quickly (unlike the years of frustration I suffered with actually knitting) and I instantly fell in love with the loose and loopy effect it creates. This week I found myself sharing my love of finger knitting with others; firstly I showed a girl in college how to do it after she was intrigued to see me create a trachea by finger knitting some string - that's art foundation for you! 

My second anecdote however is my favourite, it was the night before Halloween and I was sitting opposite a lady who was making a little crown out of crochet, she could obviously see me watching in fascination and I got chatting to her. I first told her how I have never been able to pick up crochet and then she told me that she couldn't knit. I asked her if she had heard of finger knitting, which she hadn't so I saw it as my duty to show her how. I was rewarded with her teaching me how to crochet, and I'm so proud to say that I finally know how to crochet! 

These two occasions made me think that maybe finger knitting isn't as well known or popular as I thought, and with winter just around the corner I thought I should teach you how you can make a scarf using the finger knitting technique.

You will need:
• Wool 
• Your hands 
• A good film to watch to pass the time - I chose Matilda but that's up to you to decide 

Step one

You start finger knitting by bringing the wool under and over your fingers leaving a tail which will be used to put your scarf together at the end. Do this twice so that each finger has two woollen loops over it. 

Step two 

Starting with your index finger, bring the first loop over the top of the finger doing this for all fingers in turn. 

Step three

You should be left with one loop on each finger again, now you need to bring the wool under and over your fingers again so you have two loops on each finger then simply repeat.  

Step four

Now you will see why I suggested watching a film, like all forms of knitting, finger knitting takes time so it's a good idea to have something on in the background such as a film or some music. Unlike knitting with needles you also can't put finger knitting down to do something else so you need to start your scarf at a time where you will not be disturbed. It took me roughly 2 hours to make my scarf. 

Step five

When you are happy with the length of your scarf it is time to cast off. To do this when you have one loop left on your finger instead of wrapping more wool around your fingers take the loop on you index finger and put it on the top on the middle finger, then take the loop at the bottom of the middle finger off. This will leave one loop on the middle finger which you need to put on the top of the ring finger - repeat this possess until there is only one loop on the baby finger. When you have only one loop left cut the wool and tie it in a knot with the final loop.

Step six

Finally tie both ends of the very long piece of finger knitting to make a big circle. Then wrap the finger knitting like you would a long necklace to make it shorter. I like mine very short to create more of a snood. 

Blog post written by Liv Heeney

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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