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Party Dresses: Bloggers Picks

Posted by Liv Heeney Oxfam Fashion blogger, SJP Oxfam Fashion blogger, Cassiefairy Oxfam Fashion blogger, Ceri Heathcote Oxfam Fashion blogger, Amelia Glynn Online Fashion Content Assistant, Linsey Oxfam Fashion blogger

20th Nov 2013

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This week, as you know, we are looking at party dresses! We asked some of our bloggers to show us their favourite party dresses of the season and share their unique stories with us...


My party dress was bought for me by my thrifty mother who spotted it in our local Oxfam shop. I love the loose style and above-the-knee length, and  the silver pleated fabric is perfect for the party season. I feel like Carrie wearing her blue Halston layered dress in the second Sex and the City film when I wear this dress! For parties and nights out I wear it with a black blazer with sequined lapels and cuffs which I found at a car-boot sale. I wore it for a couple of Christmas parties last year and I kept warm by wearing black thermal tights underneath! I finish off the outfit with sparkly black heels (from another charity shop!) and I've also worn this dress to a summer wedding with a bright pink blazer and wedge sandals instead. It was a great charity-shop find and I'm sure I'll be wearing it again for festive parties this year!


The dress I've picked to wear this Christmas is a recent addition that found its way into my wardrobe in September this year, when I plucked it from the rails at a vintage kilo sale. I was immediately drawn to the colourful floral pattern, flattering three quarter length sleeves and playful pleats on this 80s number - even the slight shoulder pad issue didn't phase me! 

Christmas will be the first outing for this dress, which is fitting as it's also the first time my husband and I will be hosting Christmas at our home. As a result, any outfit needs to withstand the heat of the kitchen, the threat of goose fat and the very real possibility that it could get smothered in gravy. On second thoughts I might be safer wearing a boiler suit and a hard hat...


This week is Christmas Party dress week for the Oxfam Fashion Bloggers so I thought I would share a little red dress that I treated myself to from Oxfam last year. I love red any time of the year but never more so than Christmas. Although it seems quite early to be posting about party dresses, Christmas definitely starts early in Style Eyes towers. Despite my protests Mr S insisted on playing the Chrismas CD on the weekend and he is threatening to put the Christmas tree up next weekend. With snow forecast for the end of the week, I can't help feeling a little festive but not quite sure I am ready for decorations yet. The party season starts for me in jutst 2 weeks though and no doubt Christmas will be here before we know it.


I tend to live my life by Oscar Wilde's wise words that 'you can never be overdressed or overeducated' and for me the party season is certainly no exception. I bought this dress last month to wear to the Nantwhich Words and Music Festival which my boyfriend, singer song writer Barney Soanes, was performing at. It was a fantastic weekend and I believe this beautiful velvet evening dress which I found in Oxfam Bold Street, Liverpool for just £14.99, was just the right amount of glamour for the evening performances.  In the past I had been somewhat afraid of venturing into the realm of backless dresses, but there is something so elegant about a backless dress which makes them perfect for sophisticated seasonal soirées! Without a doubt I will be spotted wearing this beautiful dress at various events and parties from now until the New Year.


So party season is nearly upon us, time for celebrating, family get-togethers and a chance to get the party dresses out. I have an array of party dresses but this one is a gem and I'll tell you why.

I found this dress whilst rummaging in a charity shop in Edinburgh and it caught my eye straight away because of the style and shape. I checked the price tag was only £3.50, a complete bargain, making it more of a treasure. I bought it, of course and wore it soon after to see a show with friends at the Edinburgh festival. It made me feel glamorous whilst eating my yam fries and dips and I got a compliment about how lovely it was from someone I didn't know, always appreciated. 

I love this dress because it makes me feel good when I wear it, it fits like a glove and is so girly. It can be accessorised easily and worn in a vintage or glammed up style. It goes well with my new brogues or wedges and items I have purchased from charity shops. It is a party season dress and all the better that it was a total bargain.
Yeah to charity shopping and party season!

Blog post written by Liv Heeney

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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Oxfam Fashion blogger

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Blog post written by Cassiefairy

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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Blog post written by Ceri Heathcote

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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Blog post written by Amelia Glynn

Online Fashion Content Assistant

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