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DIY Leather Bow Ring

Posted by Boatemaa Appiah Menkah Oxfam Fashion blogger

28th Jan 2014

Fancy making a beautiful leather bow ring? Follow Boatemaa's easy step by step guide and have your own one made in a flash!

You will need:
-A leather/ faux leather scrap
-A ring base
- Epoxy glue/ glue gun

Step by Step

Step One: First cut your leather into two strips, about two or three centimetres in width and about twenty in length.

Step Two and Three: Fold your longer piece of leather to create a box bow.

Step Four and Five: You may want to glue this so it does not unravel.

Step Six: Add glue to the centre of the bow before applying the second strip of leather across the mid-section.

Step Seven: You may also want to add extra glue to the second strip to ensure it stays on.

Step Eight and Nine:  Pinch the middle of the bow; you can use something heavy to secure the bow whilst it dries.

Step Ten: After the glue on the bow has dried, place some on the ring base you'll be using.

Step Eleven and Twelve: Then attach the leather bow to the ring base, and leave it dry, after which it'll be ready to wear.

Blog post written by Boatemaa Appiah Menkah

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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