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DIY: Bag & Scarf Embellishment

Posted by Liz Atherton Oxfam Fashion blogger

3rd Mar 2014

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After hibernating in the library, hacking away at my dissertation for months on end, I've finally decided to make something quirky (yet practical) to carry all my heavy linguistics books in. For this month's DIY, I jazzed up a plain hessian carrier bag with a gorgeous Oxfam floral scarf. Simply because there is no excuse to stop being fashionably unique…wherever you are! Follow these quick and easy steps and you'll transform your bag in no time.

You will need:

  • Bag
  • Scarf
  • Needle & thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors
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Step by Step

Step One: Start by trying out different shapes that you would like to create on your bag. I went for a heart with 14th February having just gone by so you could pick something seasonal too or other shapes such as flowers or letters.

Step Two: When you have decided the shape you are going to create, pin in place ready to stitch. If your scarf is quite thick like mine, it is better to use larger pins so that they can go through both the scarf and the bag.  

Step Three: Finally, tack the scarf onto the bag in various points of your shape. For the heart, I started by stitching at the bottom point, tacking at every 3cm in order to maintain the shape and also keep the stitches quite hidden.

If any of you lovely readers are, like me, suffering the same social isolation because of study, work commitments or even dissertation dreariness, we would love to hear how you carry your books around. And better still…what ways do you keep it stylish with the addition of Oxfam goodies?

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Have fun!

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Blog post written by Liz Atherton

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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