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Mother Appeal: Get Together Craft Blog

Posted by Amelia Glynn Online Fashion Content Assistant

19th Feb 2014

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Do you want to make some amazing things and raise money to give mums around the world the lift they need to change the future?  Now you part of Oxfam's Mother Appeal, the UK government is currently matching fundraising efforts pound for pound*, so there's never been a better time to get involved.  And the best bit is that you can do anything you want to raise money so why not get crafty, get your friends together and make one of these! You could ask for a donation to come along, keep everyone topped up with tea and cakes and make some fab things : )

Here is a craft idea by Kim Osborne- thanks so much for the post Kim!

This heart decoration is super simple to make, as long as you're happy to wrestle a bit of wire (wear gardening gloves or similar if you're worried about fingers). The wire from a used wire-bound notebook is perfect for this as it's quite strong yet easy to bend, and can be removed fairly easily from the notebook. It's also free if you can make use of something you already have.

For the beads and decorations I went to my local Oxfam shop in Thame and bought some fun beaded necklaces. You could try your local charity shop, or take a look at Oxfam's online shop for suitable pieces, just try to make sure the beads and buttons will thread onto the thickness of your wire.

You will need:

  • Wire. I used the wire from an old wire-bound notebook
  • Pliers
  • Glue Gun
  • Beads and decorations that can be threaded on to wire
  • Ribbon
  • Gloves (optional)

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Step by Step

Step One: To begin, shape your wire into a heart shape. It's up to you how big you make it, but bear in mind how many beads and decorations you have and what you will use it for. Also remember that if it's too big it may not hold its shape very well. Big hearts are great as party decorations, year-round wreaths, or you could even frame them as a piece of wall art. 

Step Two:

Once you're happy with the shape, thread the beads and decorations onto the wire

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Step Three:

Once the wire is full of beautiful beads, buttons and decorations, twist the remaining wire around to secure it. Then using the pliers fold the ends of the wire around the heart. Use the glue gun to cover any sharp ends and fix a length of ribbon to the top if the heart for hanging. I also added some ribbon from top to bottom to help the heart keep its shape.

Step Four:

I enjoyed making this heart so much that I used the remaining materials to make a smaller heart. Smaller hearts could be used to make great gift tags, wine charms or even earrings.

Many thanks to Kim Osborne for this brilliant craft blog post! Check out Kim's twitter and website for more crafty ideas : )

To find out more about fundraising to support the Mother Appeal, visit our website and make sure you check out the downloadable kit : )

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Blog post written by Amelia Glynn

Online Fashion Content Assistant

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Amelia Glynn