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Second Hand Coats and Jackets

Posted by Laila Bowman Oxfam Fashion blogger and charity shopping enthusiast

28th Feb 2014

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With the days getting colder and colder I decided to take a look through my second hand coat and jacket collection to see what my options are for the chilly weather that's coming our way.  Coats on the high street can cost upwards of £60 so I love looking for cheaper second hand alternatives. My favourites for this year are below.

Left: I got this denim jacket on a sale rail in a local charity shop for £3.50. As soon as I saw the leopard print collar I knew it belonged with me!

Right: This faux fur coat was handed down to me from my grandma, who used to wear it when she was my age (meaning she's held onto it for the past 60 years - true vintage!)

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Left: I had been hunting for a cream coloured coat for a while when I spotted this one in a charity shop for £8 - bargain.

Right: This burgundy bomber jacket is an old favourite. It was passed onto me by my brother as it didn't fit him and he originally bought it from a charity shop - it's been around!

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Left: This faux fur coat is the warmest I have ever owned! I got it for the amazing price of £6 from a charity shop.

Right: Another faux fur coat, but this one is leopard print which automatically makes it my favourite.  This was the most expensive out of all of my second hand coat collection but at £10 it didn't exactly break the bank!

If you're looking for a new coat to get you through the winter months, check out the Oxfam Online Shop or pop down to your nearest store!

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Blog post written by Laila Bowman

Oxfam Fashion blogger and charity shopping enthusiast

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Laila Bowman