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Getting the Coachella Look

Posted by Lorna Burford fashion blogger

24th Apr 2014

Written by Lorna Burford

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Coachella is one of the world's most famous music festivals, based out of Indio, California, and is known for having some of the most amazing vintage inspired style! The music festival lasts 2 weeks and you get to see a fantastic amount of vintage denim shorts, DIY and custom pieces, as well as hippy and boho chic looks. I thought it would be a good idea to show you how you can rock your own Coachella inspired outfit without shelling out too much money and being ethical at the same time. After all, Cocahella is all about the music and enjoying yourself while being at one with nature out there in the desert! 

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One of the most popular Coachella outfits that celebs, bloggers and party goers alike love to wear is the classic vintage Levi's denim shorts, a cropped crochet style top, flat sandals and flowers in your hair. This type of look is famous and widely known as a Coachella styled outfit. You can get your own look like this in a few easy steps! 

Head on over to your local Oxfam charity shop and pick up a pair of vintage jeans (Levi's work best) and chop them off into shorts. It's possible they might already have a pair of high waisted denim shorts for you to snag anyway, but if they don't, getting creative with your scissors is the next best option! Feel free to shred them up and rip holes in them too to add to the look! You can also snap up a great pair of sandals and a vintage looking crochet top from a charity shop or second hand clothing store too. Coachella style is very retro so you will often find key pieces which are older and vintage. You won't break the bank and you will be on trend. If you already have these pieces in your closet, even better! You might have an old pair of sandals from years ago that you can spruce up! 

Now when it comes to accessories, fringe and tassels play a huge role in getting the look. I see so many celebs and bloggers out with fringed bags and vests; sometimes even fringe on their shorts! This is a very 70's inspired look and again, you can pick up a lot of fringed pieces at a charity shop or at a vintage store, especially when it comes to fringed bags. If you can't find any, why not make your own? You can easily do your own DIY tassels by shredding some fabric and tying it together. Don't forget to snap up some cat eye sunglasses, layer on any jewellery that you have lying around at home and you are almost set! 

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One final thing that Coachella style influencers love is a floral headband! These are very easy to pick up at your local crafts market or high street store, but if you want to be thrifty, they are incredibly easy to make. All you need to do is find an old head band or snap one up for less than a pound at a market and then get crafty! Go out and buy some faux flowers from a craft store (or market again) and then glue them to the headband wherever you like. Not only is this a much cheaper option than shelling out money for a pre-made one, you will also have a unique custom piece that nobody else will have! You will be setting your own trends! 

Written by Lorna Burford

Blog post written by Lorna Burford

fashion blogger

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