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Spring/Summer see's a splash of nostalgia

Posted by Amelia Glynn Online Fashion Content Assistant

23rd Apr 2014

Welcome to our newest Oxfam Fashion Blogger, Abbie Green! Abbie is a university student with a penchant for charity shopping- we look forward to reading your future posts Abbie : )

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As I am approaching 21 it is safe to say I'm beginning to feel old and that my youth is slipping away - very irrational, I know. Turns out I'm wrong; instead, much to my delight, flavours from my childhood are making a comeback with 2014's Spring-Summer trends.

Of course, it is no secret that fashion and trends are constantly recycled and reborn and the maverick trend-setters among us know that the best place to discover re-emerging style is on the rails of Oxfam.

But who can honestly say they thought while beginning their adult years, it would be those primary school classics taking centre stage in our summer wardrobes? Yet, peruse the isles of high street shops and your favourite fashion magazines and nostalgia rings true. They're back.

Unbeknown to my teenage self cringing at those childhood snaps, I am now be trying to replicate that ever so chic look this summer.

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I'm not suggesting you reach into the depth of your wardrobes and try to squeeze into your old summer school dress, but gingham's revival is plain to see.

Something I love about Oxfam is taking a trend and being able to put your own unique twist onto it, this is true for this year's gingham trend also. Instead of those quite ill fitting dresses of yesteryear, we are now wearing gingham in many different forms.

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Jelly shoes:

I'm sure like me, anyone born in the early 90's had countless pairs of jelly shoes in a rainbow of different colours, and now you can again. It's not just along the beachfront that these perfect plastic sandals have found a calling this summer, but on the feet of every fashionista.

Clear and plastic, two words not usually associated with a trendy shoe but somehow it definitely works and this time around they won't just be adorning little girls feet, but grown women too.

So, whether you were a 70's, 80's or 90's child like me, get rummaging in your local Oxfam or check out the online shop for some childhood classics you can reinvent to suit your current style. Look out for dungarees, printed leggings and of course gingham and jelly shoes to create your perfect summer look, you could even add a friendship bracelet in there too, for good measure. 

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Blog post written by Amelia Glynn

Online Fashion Content Assistant

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Amelia Glynn