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The Serial Over-Packer

15th Jul 2014

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Who else is counting down the days to their summer holidays? I know I am. Shopping for the perfect holiday wardrobe is half the fun, then I'm sure you have been dreaming of your summer style for months. 

I am doing things a little different this year; I've shunned the typical all inclusive "sand & sunbathing" type holiday for a 4 week adventure across Europe. 'Packing light' has never been in my vocabulary and in my personal opinion is a myth. But this year I must conquer the impossible task of, fitting everything I need/desire for a whole month into one measly backpack. 

Another problem many of us youngsters face when heading on vacation is a limited budget. Spending a week's food budget on something, we know is just going to come back covered in sand or stained; with sun cream is just a depressing thought.
So I thought I'd do us all favour and pick out  the holiday essentials to ensure you under-spend and do not over-pack!

An Oxfam maxi skirt or a dress is a fabulous getaway garment perfect for the day or evening. Covering up to avoid that nasty sunburn, or throwing on over your bikini during your stroll to the beach. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to that essential maxi.

These Oxfam denim shorts are THE staple when it comes to holiday shopping, you can dress them up or down, change your top, accessories and shoes to completely transform your look. 

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One thing I hate to admit to myself as a self proclaimed 'girly girl', is one thing I adore about being on holiday is giving my feet a break from the torturous high heels! So all you need for your little break abroad, are a pair of pain free Oxfam sandals that allow you see all the historic monuments, and still be walking for the rest of the holiday. 

A playsuit has become my holiday essential over the past few years, perfect chic summer piece for long walks by the beach. Again perfect for throwing on over your swimwear. 

Of course, I've forgot to mention numerous bikinis we think we need etc. but you catch my drift, versatile items that can be taken from day to night with different accessories are the key to dismissing that feeling of dread when your case hits those scales. 

By Abbie Green

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