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Festival Take Over: What's In My Glastonbury Rucksack

23rd Jun 2014

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Its official, the festival season has begun!!! The first stop on the Oxfam Festival Team summer tour, is none other than Glastonbury (exciting, right?), with the festival just around the corner it's time to start thinking about what to pack and strategically (or chaotically if your anything like me) stuff into your trusty rucksack/festival wardrobe.

In order to de-stress your rucksack packing challenge, I've put together a list of my favourite festival essentials, and fashion picks inspired by the Oxfam Online store.

You never know what mood Mother Nature is going to be in at a UK festival so remember to pack for all outcomes; my top packing tip would be to LAYER! Then you can easily add/remove items depending on the weather, vintage chunky knits are great for layering, I usually pack a printed jumper (metallic of course), and oversized cardigan to throw on if the weather turns nippy.

Sunglasses are a festival essential. Not only do they protect your peepers from the sun's glare; they also offer a great 'morning after the night before' eye cover up. Perfect after a late night, dancing away in magical Shangri-La. I'll be taking two pairs of sunglasses my favourite tortoise shell vintage pair and some awesome cat eye Whistles ones, I snapped up from the Oxfam shop at, the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Wellies are the festival essential (duh, I know), I usually opt to wear them travelling to a festival, freeing up essential packing space in your rucksack! As well as classic wellies I will be packing my Whistles ankle boots, bought from the Oxfam Royal Windsor store - perfect for jiving around in to your favourite band - and a pair of Birkenstock style sandals, the shoe of the summer.

I'm a sucker for an over the top printed shirt, Glastonbury is a great platform to debut any out there attire anything goes! The Oxfam Glastonbury Glade shop has been transformed into a 'Tropical Paradise' for this year's festival, make sure to pop down and grab yourself on trend Hawaiian themed shirt (who knew!) or beach worthy floral dress, oh and don't forget to check out our two resident parrots, watch your fingers, they have a tendency to bite!

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I love finishing off an outfit with a seriously stylish jacket, preferably vintage! I will be packing my all-time favourite snakeskin print oversized blazer and an uber practical waterproof wax jacket, it is a British festival after all. Pop by the Oxfam's boutique style Park stall to snap up a one of a kind unique vintage find!

A hat is my true festival saviour (and dry shampoo). For Glastonbury I plan on packing my oversized, floppy felt hat and a vintage scarf. A versatile piece that can be worn as a headscarf, belt or scarf for when the temp drops at night. Bag-wise? I always opt for a 'Mary Poppins' style bucket bag with a secure fastening and a 90's classic festival bum bag!

Jewelry is a tough one at festivals; you don't want to take your most valuable pieces, at the risk of losing them, but you still want to finish off your outfit with a bit of bling. For Glastonbury I'll be taking a selection of fabric chocker's to add a 90's vibe to my look, you can pick these up nearly anywhere on the high street at the minute, or simply make your own using a length of ribbon and a hook and eye fasting - DIY chic!

Don't forget to pop by the Oxfam Festival shop this summer; it's a great place to stock up on anything you might have forgotten! Track our festival adventures on the Oxfam Fashion Twitter and the Oxfam Shop Instagram, see you at Glastonbury!

- Chantelle Mallin

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