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Festival Take Over: DIY Floral Sunglasses

Posted by Chantelle Mallin Fashion blogger

31st Jul 2014

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Festival season is the perfect time to express yourself and let your creativity shine through, and we've got the perfect DIY project to jazz up your favourite pair of sunglasses - ensuring you have the perfect accessory for your festival adventure.

Embellishing and updating something you already own is a great way to reinvent and make it feel new again, the following DIY is DEAD simple and won't cost you more than a fiver!

Here's how to make your own pair of floral sunglasses…

You will need:

  • A pair of sunglasses - I got mine on the high street for around £2, or you could simply use an existing pair that is in need of a revamp.
  • Embellishments - I opted for festival perfect florals found on eBay - £2 for a pack of 20! You really can  be creative and choose anything you like - choose pearls for an elegant touch or choose tropical inspired beads and glitter for the perfect 'Desert Island Disco' Bestival look.
  • Glue Gun or PVA - I used a glue gun, but PVA or a strong glue would work just fine.

Before you begin it's always a good idea to plan out your design, once your embellishments are glued down, there's no going back!

Step by Step

Step One:

Start from the outside of the sunglasses and work your way in, I found it easier to add a dot of glue to the sunglasses and then hold the decoration gently in place until secure.

Step Two: Repeat step one adding all your embellishments until you reach your desired look.

Step Three: While the glue is still drying, try to remove any excess that may have seeped onto the glasses.

There you have it, the perfect festival sunnies for under a fiver, you can personalise your glasses any way you like, adding more or less decorations to suit your personal style.

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By Chantelle Mallin

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Blog post written by Chantelle Mallin

Fashion blogger

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